How to chose an ecommerce website developer

Ecommerce website development is complicated and requires the attention of a trained and experienced ecommerce website developer.

If your selection criteria is based on low price, you will generally be disappointed with the results and have to admit defeat at some stage in the future.

How to select an ecommerce website developer

Your first job is to carry out research by visiting potential ecommerce website developer websites to soak up the atmosphere and ask the following questions.

    Does the website look trustworthy?
    Is the design relevant to the purpose of the website?

If you answered no to the above, move on, this developer is not for you. If you answered yes, go to the Contact Us page and look for the following.

    Can you see the office address?
    Can you see a Contact telephone number?
    Can you see the Company registration Details?

If the answer is no to the above, strike the developer off your list, they may have reasons they do not want to be contacted.

Can you find the following pages easily:

    Website Terms and Conditions
    Website Privacy Policy
    Product Returns Policy
    Cookie Policy

If the answer is No to the policy questions strike the developer off your list, the developer is not PCI compliant and therefore does not understand consumer law.

Follow this criteria finalise your ecommerce website developer short-list. Send each of them a message via their contact page allowing them two days to reply.

Write something like the following.
We are creating an ecommerce website developer short list. Can you confirm that you would like to tender for creating our ecommerce website and provide me with information your ecommerce website development services.

Our business is involved in (give a short description of your business) and we hope to sell approximately xxx number of (virtual, digital or physical) products for delivery to (the UK, the UK and Europe, globally)

Please let me know if you require further information to help you process my enquiry“.

Hopefully your short-listed ecommerce website developers will reply and you can begin final selection determined by those replies.